Christian Institute states that God demands misgendering trans people


Colin Hart, the director of the Christian Institute, made the comments in the evangelical pressure group’s annual report, saying that the Bible requires to call transgender women men and vice versa. To tell the truth, there is no such verse in the Bible, moreover, transgender people are not mentioned there at all. There are just words that you should be grateful for the body God gave you and take care about it. Some believers apply it to transgender people as an argument against them doing surgery. But firstly, not all transgender people do surgeries. And secondly, if any human influence on their bodies is sinful, then it is sinful, for example, to cut your nails (‘God gives you nails, so be grateful for them, don’t get rid of them’) or to do makeup, because it might change the way your face looks like, even if in most cases these changes are slight. But it would sound totally ridiculous, so no preacher, if he is mentally stable, would preach anything like that. But transgender people are unknown and mysterious for most Christian preachers, so they make a common mistake in judging like ‘If I don’t understand it, then it is bad’. God warns true Christians that they should not be prejudiced to people whom they don’t understand. If you think a person behaves wrongly, then pray for this person, let them know that they are loved and precious in the eyes of God. Convincing a person that God condemns them (especially when there are no proofs that He does, but you do, and you are self-confident enough to believe that God thinks the same as you and you have a right to speak on His behalf) will have an opposite effect.


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