Drag performer Reuben Kaye feels more masculine wearing makeup


Most people believe that drag act is about men expressing their hidden (or not hidden) female self. But for Reuben Kaye it does not work this way. He wears makeup, covers himself with glitter and really likes to see people’s shocked eyes — they understand that he is a man, and some stereotypically female attributes create contrast with his natural masculinity, making it more visible, as he told PinkNews. But the thesis of the hidden self which a drag performer can reveal only on stage is something he partly agrees with — Reuben says that he has never chosen to do drag (if it could be possible, he would rather prefer something more down-to-earth), but there was some force deep inside his mind, some inner source of inspiration . Most people would call it a vocation. He thinks that drag culture is reflecting changes in society and smashing stereotypes often in a more visible and expressive manner than any other kind of art. He prefers not to define what he does because defining means limiting. Just come to his show and you will see, he teases.


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