Gay couple viciously attacked for holding hands


Castor Kwak, 33 faces a hate crime charge over the July 22 incident in Seattle, which happened right in front of the local police department as Mr. Kwak saw a gay couple walking by hand in hand and began a verbal attack on them. As they ignored and tried to run away, the attack became physical. The couple attempted to keep walking but Kwak persisted and an altercation began. According to police, Kwak spat in the face of one of the men before a scuffle in which he is alleged to have stabbed the victim with a broken glass bottle. The fight was broken up by a Seattle police officer, who found the victim with cuts across his face. Kwak did not deny that the attack was homophobically motivated. He has been charged with one count of malicious harassment, and is being held in jail on $50,000 bail.


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