Teenage lesbian violently assaulted in Chicago


Amari Graves was walking to the store in Austin, Chicago when she was confronted by a gang including her classmate and a group of adults who began to physically assault her with baseball bats and chanting anti-gay slurs at her. Speaking about one of her assailants, she said: “When I was walking she tried to pull a bat out and swing it at me”. The adults and student then proceeded to stomp and kick Amari, she said, spraying her with mace while also attempting to take off her clothes. The teenager said that the mother of one of the attackers was filming the incident. The mother of the victim, in turn, is totally frustrated as she could not protect her daughter. “Absolutely nothing was done,” she said.“No one was taken into custody; they told me I had to swear out my own warrant to have them arrested.” The police investigate the case, no arrests made so far


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