Trans model Amanda Lepore was erased from Travis Scott’s album cover and she has no idea why


Rapper Travis Scott is facing accusations of transphobia after trans model Amanda Lepore did not appear on the cover of his album, though it was previously announced that she would. The musician released the cover art for his album “Astroworld,” shot by David LaChapelle, which features Scott’s head in a theme park surrounded by models, including Lepore. But she was not seen on the final version. On her Instagram the model was curious why it happened. “It was great being part of @LaChapelleland ‘s incredible photograph of @trvisXX’s album cover but I’m curious why I’m not on the picture @trvisXX posted?” she wrote. LaChapelle responded to one of the claims of transphobia on Instagram, writing that many people try to explain something with discrimination or any kind of phobia if they don’t like it, but the point was in Lehore herself rather than her trans identity.


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