Trans woman sues Starbucks for harassment and discrimination


A former Starbucks employee in California is suing the company and her former bosses for abusing and harassing her at work when she revealed that she was trans. In her complaint, Maggie Wade said her manager Dustin Guthrie suddenly changed the way he behaved towards her after she disclosed she started her transition into female. She said he initially told her was struggling with the idea of her transitioning due to his Christian faith. He misgendered and deadnamed her repeatedly, and also created obstacles for her career. I n the new location, Wade said she faced discrimination from customers who addressed her as “sir” and “man” and that her concerns on the matter were dismissed by her supervisor who “laughed about it.” A meeting she had requested with Starbucks’ district manager to discuss her experience under Guthrie also did not materialize as expected and was made to resign. ““It was humiliating to come to work every day and be treated with no dignity or respect. I never would have expected this kind of behaviour from a fellow employee who failed to represent the culture and ethics that have come to embody Starbucks as a global brand,” she said.


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