Aja from Drag Race is banned from Twitter


Drag performer Aja, who appeared on RuPaul’s Drag Race Season 9 and All Stars 3 was banned from Twitter for trying to jot back hateful trolls. The drag queen had been caught up in a Twitter spat with radical feminists who deny trans women being women, and non-binary people, to whom Aja counts themselves, from their point of view just don’t exist. And this is what they confronted the performer about , in respond to this they called one of the haters a senseless cow and later discovered that their Twitter account was blocked. “I might be blocked but guess what I still identify the same way, I am well validated and alive and happy and nobody can take that,” the performer wrote on Facebook, though they fail to understand why they were banned and their haters were not. During the argument with TERFs, Aja tweeted: “Shut the fuck up you fucking terf – calling me a misogynistic troll? You are a bitter-ass fake feminist. Real feminists support all women and all genders equality. Don’t misgender me. You senseless cow.” It is believed this tweet earned them the ban. Now the account works again.


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