Empty bus at Brighton Pride to show that there are no openly gay pro footballers


An empty bus took part in the LGBT Pride march in Brighton to represent openly gay professional football players or rather their absence in the country. Paddy Power, which sponsors Stonewall’s Rainbow Laces campaign against homophobia in sport, is seeking to underline the problem at Brighton Pride. The empty bus bears the slogan: “Official bus of gay professional footballers.” The organizers don’t urge footballers to come out if they do not want to, it is their right to let their private right stay private. But the thing is to make gay people believe that if they want to come out then they should have fear to do this, to create a peaceful and accepting environment where everybody could be themselves and feel no shame. The last player to come out while playing was Justin Fashanu, who came out in 1990 but died by suicide in 1998 after years of homophobic abuse.


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