MP Carolyn Harris apologized for saying that her alleged homophobic remarks were ‘a banter’


Allegations about the conduct of the Welsh Labour’s Deputy Leader began as her former assistant was accused of fraud against her. The court has proven her innocence, but the point now is not in it, but in the hateful homophobic slurs the woman allegedly used against her employee. She denied doing so, but added that if she had done it, it would not have been wrong, because the word ‘dyke’ meant a lesbian and Jenny was a lesbian, moreover, she used this word talking about herself, so it was a ‘banter’. But now she is sorry for it, saying that the word ‘banter’ was used by many homophobes to show that they were not homophobic, though they actually were, so she apologizes. “I try to be a good ally and use my platform to highlight the experiences of LGBT people. If I have fallen short, in my understanding or in my words, I can only hope that my actions to support the LGBT community in recent years as an MP and in the future will help heal any hurt.,“ she wrote.


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