Percy Jackson author hit back transphobic trolls


Bestselling author Rick Riordan used all his writing talent to damage an anti-trans web troll in a perfect manner. It all started when Riordan, 54, saw a tweet posted in response to him by a user called Kristina Toddy, who told the writer that if he added less gender dysphoria in his books, he would received bigger income because he is a child writer, so parents decide whether to buy his books or not. So, the writer applied his editing skills and ironically rewrote the tweet, using synonyms for every word and look what we have got: “If you had zero acknowledgement that some kids are not straight and cisgender in your books that include marginalized people I don’t want my children to know about until they are eighteen you might appease homophobic adults who think gender identity is contagious … remember it is parents who model bigotry for their kids.” In the next tweet he addressed directly to Toddy saying that firstly he had fixed her comment and secondly, he was grateful for her concern about his sales but he was completely satisfied with what he already had.


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