NHS is told to give fertility treatment to transgender people


A governmental body has threatened NHS England with legal action in case if transgender people don’t get access to fertility treatment. The Equality and Human Rights Commission (EHRC), a non-departmental watchdog, said “outdated” policy makes it impossible for trans people to have biological children, as there is no law that would allow them to store their eggs or sperm before transition, and after transition giving birth in a natural way becomes virtually impossible. To be honest, there is an option to store genetic materials, but it exists only in theory. In practice trans people should wait for years to use it. EHRC sent a pre-action letter to NHS England, according to the BBC, which it said could lead to a judicial review if steps were not taken to offer fertility treatments to transgender patients. EHRC chief executive Rebecca Hilsenrath explained that trans community is protected by the British law and it should be reflected in all spheres of life, including fertility treatment. NHS England has responded by saying that the watchdog had “misplaced their fire” and should instead be targeting government ministers to change the policy.


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