Brighton student spoke against ‘I am straight, sorry’ T-shirt


Zoé Vincent-Mistiaen is a PhD student and LGBT activist who attended the LGBT Pride in Brighton and saw two young girls in T-shirts on which was written “I’m straight, sorry”, whom she called obnoxious. She went on saying that these girls, whoever they are, have no idea that LGBT Pride is still a protest, not a c hip show to laugh. If you are straight and want to support LGBT, then of course you can and should do it, but not like this, the activist insists. “But those t shirts were offensive to me ’cause I didn’t think a member of the LGBTQ community or straight ally would be so disgusted at the possibility of being hit on by a woman [that] they have to wear it on a t-shirt at a pride event,” she wrote. “[I’ve had] of people agreeing that maybe Britney became the focal point of the event with lots of straight people treating it like a cheap music festival without understanding the history or meaning of pride,” she added later.


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