Gay BFFs who hid their sexuality to join Air Forces celebrate a double wedding


A lesbian woman and a gay man who pretended to be a straight couple celebrated their wedding. And though they did it together, it was one wedding, they did not tie the knot to each other but top those who they really loved in the passionate and romantic meaning of this word. Gail Langan and Mark Sully became friends more than 30 years ago while both were in the RAF, at a time when LGBT+ people were not allowed to join the army. Both Langan and Sully came out to their families after they had left the Air Force, but serving as a coverage for one another turned into a strong friendship, and when it came to being finally able to celebrate their true selves and true love, they decided to do it together. The couples married in April at a joint wedding in Cornwall, with each couple acting as a witness for the other, before having a reception in May. Gail said: “We think the people wandering around outside the venue after thought we were two straight couples at first, then they realized, they’re two gay couples, which we thought was funny.”The ban on LGBT+ people serving in the army was finally lifted in 2000.


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