Indian state promises to pay for gender reassignment surgery for trans people who cannot afford it


The Indian state of Kerala, which lies on the country’s Malabar Coast, has said it will fund transgender people’s gender reassignment surgeries as the state’s chief minister promised that the government is going to pay 200,000 rupees to fund such surgeries, which will make it the second state in the country to do so, after Tamil Nadu. “The government, which has ensured the rights of education and employment of transgender community, will now bear the cost of sex change surgery too,” Vijayan wrote, as translated by Times of India. The state of Kerala counts 34 million p;eople and has a long history of trans acceptance. In part las year there was a beautiful wedding ceremony in traditional Indian style with both newlyweds being trans. The pair got married in front of more than 500 people in a beautiful ceremony at Mannam Hall in Thiruvananthapuram, after a change in Indian law recognized the transgender people’s right to marry.


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