Judge who blocked name changes for transgender children is charged for it


Judge Joseph Kirby, the Probate and Juvenile Court judge in Warren County, Ohio, is alleged to have denied legal name changes to at least three trans individuals, is going to be legally charged for it. He denied 15-year old Elliott Whitaker a legal name change at Warren County Juvenile Court in June, telling the teen that he should come back when he reaches the legal age. State law does not require people to be 18 to secure a legal change of name, which is separate from legal gender recognition, but the judge ruled that the teen was not mature enough and not ready to take a full responsibility for such changes. Transcripts from the hearing show a bizarre line of questioning as the judge interrogated Whitaker about his bathroom choice, repeatedly misgendering trans kids and accusing transgender celebrities of creating a fashion of being trans. The families of the three teens this week filed a joint suit against Kirby in the United States District Court for the Southern District of Ohio. The suit, filed by Josh Langdon, LLC and Engel & Martin, LLC, alleges the judge’s actions amount to discrimination against the young individuals on the basis of gender identity, which is against Constitution. He refuses to comment this issue.


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