LGBT activists are massively attacked in Armenia


A group of LGBT activists were attacked by a mob in a village in Armenia. Two members of the LGBT rights group Pink Armenia were among those 30 people who were the victims of the vicious attack that was probably homophobically motivated. The activists had met at the house of Hayk Hakobyan in the village of Shantukh, in Armenia’s southernmost Syunik province to discuss the LGBT rights in the country. The group had already been targeted that night, when two teenagers bothered the group with firecrackers and throwing stones at the house. But it was not the end, later the massive attack, verbal and physical, took place. Hakobyan called the police, but he and his friends were attacked before the police arrived. The men did the beating, while the women and children threw stones. They were also shouting homophobic slurs and calling them “Turks”, which sounds for Armenian folks as rudely as, for example, Nazis — Turks persecuted and killed Armenians for years. The police eventually arrived more than an hour after the call, though Mr. Hakobyan believes that it was possible for them to arrive twice earlier and if it happened so, the attack would be prevented from turning physical.


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