Travis Scott denies being transphobic though he erased a trans model from the album cover


Rapper Travis Scott has responded to accusations of transphobia after a trans model Amanda Lepore was erased from the cover of his album Astroworld. The rapper calls it a misunderstanding and says on Instagram that he regrets about it and feels nothing but respect to LGBT community in general and vtransgender people in part. “Astroworld is about love and expression not hate! This is very important for me to speak up about: Growing up I’ve been taught to accept everyone, not to cast people away but bring them into your home! I have nothing but respect for the LGBTQ community,” Scott wrote. “Yo Amanda you did upstage everyone even me,” he addressed Lepore, adding that he treats all people as equal and wants them to believe that they are equally awesome. He is unable to change the cover itself, but as a compromise he promises to release a photobook with all images, including Lepore’s.


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