Hollywood giants seem ready to support authentic transgender representation


A number of major Hollywood companies have backed an effort to cast more transgender actors for transgender roles. An open letter signed by a string of major production companies and talent agencies calls for a new approach to trans inclusion, as even though there are many trans movie characters, they are usually played by cis actors. The letter, headed by transgender people in the industry, calls on people to use the Hollywood powers to improve trans awareness. The letter was organised by GLAAD and the 5050by2020 equal representation initiative, and is backed by major talent agencies CAA, UTA, and WME and signed by the production companies of big-name creators including Ryan Murphy, Judd Apatow, Shonda Rhimes, Greg Berlanti, Jill Soloway and JJ Abrams. They noted that there were many TV projects that dispelled myths about gay men and lesbians, women and people of color actively demand equality in cinematic industry and gain some success in it. But what about the trans community? ““The world is evolving, and today it is a mistake, especially if you are cross-sex casting (a cis man to play a trans woman, or a cis woman to play a trans man.) It simply isn’t cost effective to take this risk; recent projects which cast cis actors to play trans roles have felt the tide of public opinion turn against them and have taken a hit at the box office,” the letter concludes.


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