Caitlyn Jenner remains a Republican


The transgender reality star used to believe in Donald Trump as a President, but his actions, in part a number of anti-trans measures, deeply disappointed her. But she is still not going to step away from the Republican values which she supported for years. But now, as a transgender celebrity, she can also use her voice to speak to Republicans and to tell them that their actions concerning the American folks in general and the transgender community in part , are, mildly speaking, irrational. No guarantees that they would follow what she says, but at least they are likely to listen to her because she is a Republican and she is ready to reject the out-of-date conservatism, so maybe some (at least some) Republicans would be inspired by her to do the same. Jenner said she has not spoken to Trump since he became president, but she nonetheless has a message for him: “Get over it!” she told Variety. “I honestly don’t know what happened when he got in there. It was extraordinarily disappointing.”


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