CCTV footage shows Ben Stokes humiliating gay men


CCTV footage has been released allegedly showing England cricketer Ben Stokes flicking a cigarette butt at two gay men because he was irritated with their camp behavior and mannerism. Then he started punching them, as a consequence one of the men had his eye socket fractured. Bristol Crown Court has heard that Stokes allegedly mocked the two gay men, Kai Barry and William O’Connor, as he argued with doorman Andrew Cunningham over re-entry into the club. Nicholas Corsellis, prosecuting, told the jury: told ther defendant that his fame and success did not give him a right to mock other people and to disobey the law. “This was not a trivial moment of unpleasantness. It was a sustained episode of significant violence that left onlookers shocked at what was taking place. A bottle was used at the beginning and a broken street sign brought into the fray towards the end,” he said.


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