There could be a trans governor in Vermont


Christine Hallquist is running to be the Democratic nominee for November. Whether she wins or loses, she is already a history-maker as the first openly transgender gubernatorial nominee in the USA history. The 62-year-old, who has been CEO of Vermont Electric Cooperative for more than a decade, said that she is a politician, a leader who wants better life for her state and knows how to achieve that. The fact that she is transgender is just one of the features she happene4d to have, but it is not a unit of measurement to judge her by, so if some potential voters are transphobes, she recommends them not to look at her but at her actions and achievements. But she is aware of the context in which she’s running – in fact, the current political climate is why she chose to become a candidate. Hallquist, who has raised more than double the funding of her nearest challenger ahead of the August 14 primary, told Politico that the election of President Donald Trump had encouraged her to change something, at least on the local level.


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