Twitter CEO speaks about why Alex Jones was still there


He is banned from Youtube. He is banned from Facebook. But he is still able to share his ridiculous conspiracy theories about demon-possessed drag queens and lesbian cannibals via the microblogging. Why? The Twitter officials tried to clarify it. Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey wrote on the website said that he did not violate their rules as his tweets are not artificially amplified and they are generalized, he did not offend certain people deliberately. At least not in Twitter. If he does it (and this is Alex Jones, we would rather say WHEN he does it), his Twitter account will definitely be blocked, the CEO promises. The Twitter CEO additionally called on journalists to document, validate and refute information on Jones’ account which can “sensationalize issues” and “spread substantiated rumours.” Dorsey said it’s the responsibility of the press, which is “what serves the public conversation best,” as he is sure that banning Jones only because of his negative reputation in the media would be wrong.


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