Woman smashed wine bottle over man’s head at Brighton Pride


Owen Syred said that he was in Asda in Lancing after returning from a day out with friends at Brighton Pride when he confronted two ladies with two kids who started to shout homophobic slurs at him. But for one of the women iit was not enough to offend the 51-year-old man just verbally and she began a physical attack. “Eventually she got to the point where she was so violent I had to restrain her. I put her in an arm lock. A shop worker pulled her away. I said sorry to the staff and that I didn’t know what it was all about,” the victim shares. He said staff then separated them, but that the woman went to the wine aisle and then threw a bottle of wine at his head. Describing the attack as “very shocking,” Syred told the local paper that he had been signed off work until the end of the month. The police investigate the attack but due to some unknown reasons it is not qualified as a hate crime.


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