Chechen gay singer declared missing a year ago is still not found


Chechen gay singer Zelim Bakaev was last seen being dragged into a car in the streets of the Chechen capital Grozny, where he had gone to attend his sister’s wedding last August and nobody has heard from him since then. Chechen refugees of the LGBT World Beside organization held a small rally outside the Russian embassy in Belgium demanding international organizations to intervene in the homophobic purge in Chechnya in general and Bakaev’s case in part. In New York, the LGBT+ groups Voices4 and RUSA LGBT held a protest outside the Stonewall Inn, saying that whatever happened with Bakaev and whoever did it, there are millions of people all over the world who are not going to leave it this way. “Zelim’s mother has pleaded for answers, but NOTHING has been done. Not for Zelim or any of the other victims of the ‘gay purge’ in Chechnya. We’re not giving up,” the LGBT+ rights organization All Out wrote.


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