LGBT people spend a lot of money on traveling


In the United States, LGBTI people spend nearly $100 billion on trips abroad, Forbes Magazine reports. Dating app Grindr confirms, noting that queer users from the generation of Millennials are enthusiastic travelers. 40% of Grindr’s LGBTI millennials travel each quarter for fun, while 24% travel monthly. Most of them plan their trips 1-3 months in advance (39%) or 3-6 months in advance (35%). More than 60% of respondents are checking whether the country they go to is LGBT-friendly, more than 70% are trying to find out whether the country they go to has an LGBT-related website. 54% of LGBTI millennials have a valid passports. This is more than the general US population, of which only 40% has one. This is perhaps because 42% of LGBTI millennials ‘can’t wait’ to go overseas. Top 10 dream destinations for LGBT youth are Italy, France, Hawaii, New York City, Australia, the UK, Greece, Spain, Japan, and Las Vegas. Nearly half of travelers explore nightlife, 46% want to explore different cultures. More are also looking for nature and the outdoors (30%) over wineries and breweries (18%). Most also stay in big-name hotels (71%) as opposed to home-shares (29%). Half of them answered they look for ‘hip and fun hotels’ while planning trips.


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