Pro-LGBT pastor criticized a petition demanding his removal


Pro-LGBT+ priest James Martin was demanded to be removed from the family event held by Vatican in Ireland because his views apparently were not corresponded with the Catholic definituion of the concept of family. Nearly 10,000 people have called for the removal of pro-LGBT+ priest James Martin from addressing the presentation at the World Meeting of Families in Dublin, Ireland, this month. Of course, the preacher believed this petition to be unfair and motivated by a banal fear of unknown. The petitioners dfon’t know LGBT people in person and don’t want to, Martin believes. These people are just afraid of what might happen if LGBT Catholics were given a word. “In the New Testament we read that perfect love drives out fear. Absolutely. But I would also add that perfect fear drives out love. That’s what we’re seeing here – because nothing in my book goes against any church teaching. But what kind of person would I be if I let fear dissuade me from loving? So I’m looking forward to my talk at the World Meeting of Families, and I’m grateful for the Vatican for inviting me, » the preacher said, according to PinkNews.


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