The USA AG says that Alliance Defending Freedom is not a hate group


Speaking at the religious freedom event the Attorney General Jeff Sessions said that the anti-gay group Alliance Defending Freedom does not deserve being called a hate group. “When I spoke to ADF last year, I learned that the Southern Poverty Law Center had classified ADF as a ‘hate group,’ ” said Sessions, adding that this was a weapon the liberals use to discredit conservative organizations just because they disagree with them. “You and I may not agree on everything, but I wanted to come back here tonight partially because I wanted to say this: You are not a hate group,” Sessions said, adding that he is not excusing hate crimes and neither do ADF (if it is true, then it is great, it is the least they could do), they just believe in God and it is not hate. Indeed, believing in God is not hate, but insisting that other people should believe in the same things as you and if not, then they are bad — that’s where the hate starts.


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