Transgender sex robots and their increasing popularity


The China-based DS Doll has become a major player in the sex doll market, offering a custom range of full-body realistic sex dolls that can cost as much as £4,000. There are male and female robots, and it is possible to buy an extra set of genitals for the robot and change them if you want to — all the genitalia are suitable for all the dolls. Sam of Cloud Climax, which sells the dolls in Europe, told Daily Star Online that the company was aiming to cater to everyone in a market often dominated by female dolls for straight men, but not only straight men could buy sex robots. “We have male and transgender dolls too – a lot of our customers are female and a lot are couples as well,” the creators explain, “You can in theory mix and match genitals as most DS Dolls do not have fixed genitalia.” The newspaper also contacted a transgender charity for comment – receiving a Grade A withering reply.


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