Anti-trans vandals place hateful stickers across London


Trans campaigners have criticized “anti-trans bigots,” after a number of “disgusting” phallus-shaped stickers – carrying the phrase “women don’t have penises” – were f place at different London buildings, including Stonewall office, National Gallery and a number of offices of the top UK media. Responding to the images, Sarah Brown, a member of Stonewall’s Trans Advisory Group, who is also trans, says that those people did disgusting things to discredit trans women in other people’s eyes and she was deeply concerned about how far it could go. The Twitter bio for the user who posted the images, called Anne Ruzylo XX, includes the hashtag #GetTheLOut, which is affiliated with controversial anti-trans group Get The L Out. The user has also tweeted in support of the anti-trans group. However, Get The L Out denied being responsible for the stickers.


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