Asian gay beaches guide


Summer comes soon and those travelers who prefer beach rest to anything else are overjoyed because the beach season beings. Asia is a continent which has a mixed LGBT record. Marriage equality is mostly not recognized, though some areas, regions and cities offer civil partnerships for their gay citizens (there are at least two such cities in Japan). Soldiers in South Korea are arrested for using Grindr and pop idols of the same country come out in songs. But however controversial Asia may be from the point of view of LGBT locals, it is full of gay-friendly travel spots, including beaches.

Jomtien beach is located on the southern part of Pattaya, Thailand. A part of that beach, called Dongtan gay beach. It is necessary for us to add that in this and all the rest of cases the term ‘gay beach’ is relative. There are many beaches for mixed ausience and most of them welcome gay people, but here we are talking about beaches that have an infrastructure (bars or restaurants nearby and so on) targeted on gay people. So this beach belongs to this category and locals love it. If you prefer calm rest, don’t visit this beach in the evening or during weekends, this is when it becomes very crowded.

Tanjong is one of the three beaches located on the southern coast of Sentosa Island, Singapore. It is located at the furthest point from the beach Station where you can escape the world and stay alone with your thoughts, away from others. But if it is not your style of rest, you should come here on Sunday — this is a day when the beach is full of other gay tourists among whom you can find new friends or even love.

Ganesha or Petitenget beach in Indonesia is not a gay-only beach and it was not designed to be one, but it often attracts a lot of attention of gay travelers and locals because the views are amazing and it is very comfortable and quiet.


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