One more petition to ban ‘gay cure therapy’


LGBT+ rights campaigners have handed two petitions, with more than 20,000 signatures between them demanding to ban ‘conversion therapy’ practices in New Zealand. The other petition, handed to parliament by LGBT+ charity InsideOUT on behalf of a local LGBT+ group in the Rodney area, received 5,157 signatures. To ‘cure’ gay people New Zealanders use such terrible things as exorcism and chemical castration, and it is not legally forbidden. n July 2018, health minister David Clark described conversion therapy as “abhorrent.” And, in August 2018, justice minister Andrew Little said that the government could consider a conversion therapy ban as these practices are violating human rights acts of the country. Max Tweedie, co-convenor of Young-Greens, told Radio New Zealand: “There has been a spotlight shone on it, hopefully we can send a message to our young people [if conversion therapy is banned] that says if someone is trying to do this to you – it’s wrong and it’s actually illegal.” The campaigners gathered the 20,000 signatures in less than four weeks.


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