The Government recognized a transphobic sect


A church of anti-transgender witches has achieved tax-exempt status of a religious entity, approved by the USA Government. The Pussy Church of Modern Witchcraft (PCMW) explicitly states on its site that they don’t accept tr4ansgender women because they do not recognize them as women. The explanation adds that “males are not permitted to participate, regardless of how they identify”. They added that they don’t accept such concepts as gender identity and transgenderism and that is why they don’t treat gender identity as a key factor of whom to call a woman. The Internal Revenue Service’s decision to allow the PCMW to define itself as a church means that the group, which is located in Maryland, doesn’t have to reveal the names of people who support them financially. The group’s principles seem to align with those of the British anti-trans group which ‘hijacked’ the Pride in London earlier this summer.


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