Colorado Republicans likened a gay Jewish candidate to Nazis


Oxymoron (a phrase consisting two or more self-excluding concepts) can be used rather frequently in different contexts. We often say phrases like ‘living dead’ or ‘disgustingly beautiful’ to emphasize on our feelings or emotions. But the Colorado Republicans invented a new oxymoron — a Jewish gay Nazi — to hurt their potential rival.

As everybody knows (at least as everybody should know), Jewish people were the main victims of the Nazi regime — they were persecuted and sent to the concentration camps where they were cruelly tortured and then massively murdered. In these concentration camps there was a place for so-called pink triangles — gay men, whom the Nazis considered useless because they could not reproduce, so they could not help in creating the perfect German nation. So, calling a Jewish gay man a Nazi is a very rude and offensive example of oxymoron.

The Jefferson County Republican Party referred to Jared Polis, the Democratic nominee for governor of Colorado, as a “brown shirt”. The term refers to the uniforms worn by members of the Sturmabteilung, the original paramilitary wing of the Nazi Party, which played one of the key roles in bringing Nazis in general and Hitler in part to power in Germany. This is not the first time when Republicans are likening their Democrat opponents to Nazis. It is okay to say that you don’t like someone, it is okay to disagree with someone, but it is definitely not okay to use a historic term as a synonym to ‘a person I don’t like or disagree with’, it sounds offensive and disrespectful for those people who suffered from Nazis the most to be likened to their killers, so Republicans should be more attentive in choosing words to express their disagreement.


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