Naruto includes a non-binary character


Orochimaru, an antagonist who inhabits different host forms in order to stretch their life into immortality, came out as non-binary to their son in the sequel of the TV show based on one of the most popular Japanese comic books (manga) ever. Orochimaru was asked by their son Mitsuki – who they are training to be a ninja – whether he should call them a mother or a father, and the respond was that a question itself was silly because they had been both from outside, and from inside they were neither. Fans were positively shocked with such a representation. “Orochimaru gently explaining gender fluidity to Mitsuki is Good Parenting and I love itttt,” wrote one excited fan. “Orochimaru, the most gender fluidd anime character to ever exist. Mans been gay, bi, a man, a women, etc and will beat yo ass,” wrote one fan – correctly – before another viewer responded: “He’s literally everywhere”.


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