The only trans councilor in Scotland quits because of death threats


Gregor Murray announced on Facebook that they will no longer be convenor of the Children and Families Service Committee or spokesperson for Equal Opportunities, but will stay on as a Scottish National Party councillor in Dundee. They [Murray identifies as non-binary and prefers they\them pronouns] said that they leaved because of a string of vicious abuse he faced online, which terribly affected their health. They outlined the abuse they have faced over the past few months in a resignation letter to council leader John Alexander, saying that the hatred they have faced online has contributed to the fact that their “mental wellbeing is not where it should be.” The representative for the North East Ward in Dundee City Council, who has held their position since 2012 said that only a tiny part of the online abuse was in the publicly revealed comments for other people to see — a number of private messages with hate and threats is uncountable. “As the only openly trans person elected in Scotland,” Murray continued, “it has not been easy dealing with the sustained and vindictive nature of some of the personal attacks and threats to my life that I have received over the past few months, and I must thank you for all of the time and support you have given to me. I would never have achieved half of what I have without your continued belief in me. While many write me off due to my age or gender identity, you put your trust in me, and I apologize on a deeply personal level if I have disappointed you in this regard. Yours aye, Gregor.”


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