Two women are sentenced to being publicly caned for lesbian sex in Malaysia


Two women in Malaysia have been sentenced to six lashings each after being caught having consensual sex with one another. The sentence was handed down as Malaysia is embroiled in an argument about LGBT+ rights. Homosexuality is illegal in Malaysia for both men and women as a ‘crime against the nature’ (bestiality is banned under the same law), The women, who are 32 and 22, pleaded guilty after sharia enforcement officials in the northeastern state of Terengganu found them having sex in a car, according to the local media outlets. Judge Kamalruazmi Ismail told the women that “adequate punishment must be meted out so that this becomes a lesson and reminder to not just the two of you, but to members of society.” Justice For Sisters (JFS), a Malaysian LGBT+ rights group, called the punishment a violation against their dignity and human rights, a prejudicial torture.


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