Court upholds ruling calling anti-gay preacher Scott Lively a bigot


Massachusetts hate preacher Scott Lively has become one of the world’s most reviled homophobes, speaking in support of anti-homosexuality laws in African countries, in part Uganda. The case was dismissed for lack of standing, but Lively was incensed that judge Michael A. Ponsor described him in his official judgment as a bigot who harms people in his own country and across the world. Such a remark made Lively appeal against the decision, even though it was in his favor. The court disassembles Lively’s many legal attempts to have the comments purged from the record, saying: “Searching for traction, Lively complains that the challenged statements damaged his reputation… [but] Lively’s embarrassment in the face of the district court’s unflattering comments, without more, cannot suffice to manufacture appellate jurisdiction where none exists.”


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