Drag queen Yuhua Hamasaki hid her hobby from parents


The season 10 Drag Race star, who identifies as gender-neutral, is not out to her parents as it would be “very, very hard to even approach them”, as they are conservative Asians, strictly following the strict Chinese culture, labeling LGBT people as mentally ill. “My parents are typical Chinese parents – they go to work, they come home, they watch their Chinese soap operas, they go to sleep and they wake up, and it’s the same, old routine again,” the queen added, noting that however successful she might be in drag art, for her parents it is not an art and not a job, but a disgrace. Yuhua is determined, however, to ensure she fully embraces her Chinese culture in drag and fight the typical media trope that drag queens must be “white, blue-eyed and blonde.” And when she moved to the USa the environment made her feel ashamed and afraid of anything Chinese, including even Chinese food. But becoming more mature she learnt to accept every part of who she is and be proud of it. “As I got older and started doing drag more and more, I got comfortable in my own skin, I got comfortable in my own culture and realized how beautiful my culture is. And hopefully by being myself, and embracing my culture, people, when they see me, become aware that their culture is beautiful, too,” she says now.


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