Gay couple confirmed that Ben Stokes was defending them


As we reported earlier today, the British cricket player was acquitted of hate crime charges. And the gay couple in question now confirms that he was not the one who attacked them, moreover, he tried to protect them from being abused. Stokes had faced charges over the scuffle with Ryan Hale and Ryan Ali. And he also was accused of mocking Kai Barry and William O’Connor for being gay. He said that he, vice versa, attempted to save them, which was confirmed by the two men themselves. Speaking to ITV, the pair said they were on Stokes’ side and thanked him for the help from the bottom of their hearts. William O’Connor said: “[Stokes] could see the people doing what they were doing, and how homophobic they were and how nasty they came across.” The sportsman had told the court: “These men were speaking to the gay guys in what I would call a harsh and abusive way. It was homophobic in nature. It wasn’t at all like banter.”


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