People demand to ban anti-LGBT materials in schools across England


A new petition is asking parliament to ban anti-LGBT+ materials from schools after what they describe as an “influx” of such materials being sent to schools in England by different anti—LGBT groups. The petition is asking parliament to ban all materials from schools that are designed to discredit the LGBT community in people’s eyes. The petition says that anti-LGBT+ materials in schools can recommend conversion therapy, scaremonger and encourage school staff to break the laws protecting LGBT pupils. They also say that some of this information is misleading people about the legal and medical options for transgender people across the UK. The petition currently has over 2,500 signatures. If it reaches 10,000, the government will respond to the petition, and if it reaches 100,000, it will be considered for parliamentary debate. Director of the Transgender Trend group told the Argus that the Equalities Act 2010 was “open to interpretation”, and said that transgender children need “love and support.” However, she also said their needs had to be balanced with the needs of cisgender people.


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