Police deadname and misgender trans people too often


Police across the US are overwhelmingly using the birth names of transgender murder victims, and that is why these murders cannot be investigated as hate crimes on the basis of gender identity in those case when it is really a motive. It also leads to confusion in reports about transgender people’s murders, the real amount of them is much higher but it is not officially fixed anywhere because the police reports misgender many people. An investigation by ProPublica has found that transgender victims are still commonly referred to by their deadnames in the vast majority of cases. The outlet reviewed the murders of 85 transgender people since January 2015, finding that in 74 of the cases, the victims were referred to by an inappropriate name and gender in initial police reports about their deaths. Campaigners say that deadnaming transgender people can cause significant harm to police investigations during the most critical phase, because people with information may only know the victim by their chosen name, and because deadnaming fosters mistrust of police within the transgender community and the victim’s social circle.


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