Australian politician calls gender fluidity a garbage and demands a radical solution of the migration problem


An Australian Senator is facing calls to resign after a shocking speech which made some of his colleagues call him as cruel as a Nazi. Fraser Anning was elected to the Senate on the ticket of the far-right One Nation Party, but has since defected to the fringe Katter’s Australian Party, which holds even more extreme stances. In his speech he said that the ‘final solution’ of the migration problem. Final solution is a term used by German Nazis and this is how they called their measures aimed to completely destroy Jews. Elsewhere in his speech Anning set his sights on the transgender community, saying that he supports anti-trans activists who believe there is no necessity in anti-bullying programs and trans-friendly spaces in schools. “Given that everyone knows there are only two genders, if you can be persuaded to agree to and advocate in support of the false claim that there are ‘an infinite number of genders’, then, without realizing it, you have surrendered your political soul,” he says.


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