Gay man was not allowed to enter London club because of high-heeled shoes


33-year-old Pavel Vacek claims to have been turned away from the club because his high-heeled boots were ‘too feminine’. He had never experienced anything like this before, so he was shocked and saddened. “They say on the website that it’s a bear club, but you see all kinds of guys there – twinks, young guys, older guys – anyone,” said the man, who had previously attended the same club with no problems. And if a gay man cannot wear high heels going to the gay club, then where can he do that? — the man asks. A gay club should be the least likely place for a gay man to be discriminated against for the way he expresses himself, but this time it just did not work. Since making his story public, Pavel has received support from other members of the LGBT+ community in London, particularly younger people. He went to a number of other gay clubs where everybody praised him and his fashionable shoes.


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