Republicans pick ‘anti-LGBT extremist’ to challenge a lesbian Senator


Republican voters have picked an anti-LGBT candidate to challenge the only out US Senator, Tammy Baldwin from Wisconsin, who hopes to be re-elected this November. Republicans picked State Senator Leah Vukmir to challenge Baldwin in this week’s primary. Vukmir was one of thoose who tried to prevvent anti-discriminatory and anti-bullying legal measures from being applied across the USA. Vukmir has ties to anti-LGBT lobbying groups including the Family Research Council, and has consistently pushed for religion as an excuse for business owners denying LGBT people in services. Annise Parker of the LGBTQ Victory Fund said: “Wisconsin voters will have a stark choice come November – reelect Senator Tammy Baldwin, the first openly LGBTQ U.S. Senator, or elect an extremist anti-LGBTQ politician who prides herself on the divisiveness that makes Congress so unpopular. Leah Vukmir built her career on opposing basic equality for LGBTQ Americans and considers designated hate groups among her closest supporters”.


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