Teen from Afghanistan was denied asylum in Austria because he did not look gay enough


The 18-year-old Afghan, who wanted to gain asylum in Austria because in home country gay people are 0imprisoned and abused, was told that there was no need for him to be afraid of persecution because his appearance and behavior did not allow to make a conclusion that he was gay. The report also allegedly said the man couldn’t be homosexual because he liked spending time alone or with small groups of people. “Aren’t homosexuals rather social?” the official questioned. According to the local news, the authority also found “potential for aggression” which “wouldn’t be expected from a homosexual”. The young man is going to appeal against such a decision, because he is tired of explaining the obvious thing — a gay man is a man who is attracted to men, this is all, full stop. Gay men are not supposed to be camp or fragile or extraverted, the features of character are not defined by sexuality as well as sexuality is not defined by character.


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