Two girls expelled from seminary in South Africa for kissing


The teenagers were thrown out of Durban’s Inanda Seminary, a private Christian boarding school for girls, after seminary officials caught them kissing. The girls, who were in grades eight and nine, have both denied kissing. The mother of one of the girls was told to take her child away from the school never to come back. The other girl’s grandmother, Bonakele Ngubane, said she was told the same thing, and the people from the Department of Education told her that they could not intervene in the conflict as it was not a public school but a private religion-based institution, for which the Department of Education is not responsible. Inanda Seminary’s executive director, Judy Tate, confirmed that the girls were expelled and defended her school’s actions. The seminary said that the girls were thrown out for “misconduct,” but would not provide any further explanation.


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