Germany is more tolerant to LGBT people than to Muslims


A poll of 1,000 people, published by Playboy Germany, found 70 percent would accept a gay child and the same number of respondents think that the law to make gender reassignment surgery for transgender people easier should be enacted in the country. The study also found the majority of Germans are tolerant of nudity and sexuality in the media. But as for Muslims, Germans are not so accepting. The poll, carried out by the research institute, found 55.7 percent of respondents said they would not want a mosque close to their home. More than 70 percent said they thought it was a good idea to ban teachers and workers in the public sector from wearing hijabs or any other types of head and face coverings that are demanded for women by the Muslim law. Of those surveyed, 16 percent said they would not want a Christian church in their neighborhood, 25 percent said the same for Jewish synagogues and Buddhist temples.


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