Nicky Minaj loses fans because of controversial lyrics on her album


LGBT fans of Nicki Minaj are criticizing the artist’s latest album ‘Queen’ over lyrics which some have been offensive and homophobic. In part in the song called Barbie dreams the rap star disses men she rejected, including her colleague Young Thug, of whom she raps: “Used to f*ck with Young Thug / I ain’t addressing this sh*t / caught him in my dressing room / stealing dresses and sh*t / I used to give this ni**a with a lisp testers and sh*t / how you want the pu-thy? / can’t say s’s and sh*t”. Another track on the album which has also received criticism from LGBT fans is “Majesty” which features guest artists Eminem and Labrinth, and that is where she used the word ‘sissies’, which, in the context of the song, was quite unlikely to mean female siblings. “I was about to buy @NickiMinaj’s album #Queen until I heard her track with Eminem where she says “They switching like sissies now” – sweetie, the LGBT community are the majority of your fanbase and got you to where you are. Casual homophobia in 2018? You’re over sis. #QueenRadio,” one of the Nicky’s former fans wrote on Twitter.


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