Some gay men still prefer civil partnerships though there is an option to marry


Civil partnerships were introduced by the Labour government in 2004 as a segregated form of union only open to same-sex couples. Gay couples were later allowed to marry when the Coalition government passed the 2013 Marriage (Same Sex Couples) Act, but civil partnerships remained as an option. Although the number of civil partnerships fell sharply in the years following the introduction of same-sex marriage, the recent data says that more than 900 same-sex couples across England and Wales entered civil partnerships in 2017. While this is down significantly down from the average of around 6,000 prior to equal marriage, it demonstrates that there is a necessity in civil partnerships as a legal option for same-sex couples in the UK. Demographics suggest that they majority of civil partnerships are now formed by male couples, whereas female couples are more likely to opt for a same-sex marriage.


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