6 Nigerians are arrested for being gay


Six men in Nigeria have been arrested and paraded in public because police suspect them of being gay. They were not in those Nigerian states that live under the Sharia law, so, fortunately, they would not be stoned to death. But still, homosexuality is illegal in the whole Nigeria, and long-term imprisonment is definitely not the best perspective. The manager of the City Global Hotel phoned the police with allegations that the men had been seen kissing in the hotel bar, according to Nigerian news outlet Punch. He then went to their room – which he said was meant for two people – and allegedly discovered six men attempting to have sex with one another. The police report states that the men told them under interrogation that they were part of a gang who travelled to Abia from different states to have sex with each other. But the men gave a different version of events, explaining that they were having a party because it was a birthday of one of them. One of the arrested men said that they were all in the same room because they couldn’t get one for six people. They deny having sex there. The state’s Commissioner of Police, Anthony Ogbizi, has said the men will face a trial.


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